2017 Drug Trend Report Webinar

In 2017, with the help of our WellManaged clinical programs and strategic formulary designs, WellDyneRx helped clients maintain a low 1.2% rate of growth in per-person prescription drug spend. We were able to contain costs for our clients despite significant increases in utilization of specialty medications and double digit price inflation in many drug categories.These achievements and more are covered in detail in our new 2017 Drug Trend Report.

Total drug trend is made up ofthe utilization and unit cost of drugs, and can be further subdivided into traditional and specialty drug categories, as well as the top therapeutic drug classes for each. The top overall category for increases in spend was the specialty drug category of Inflammatory Conditions, which includes disease states such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis. The most commonly used drugs within this category are Humira and Enbrel, and they account for almost 50% of the utilization. The top traditional drug category, and the second top category overall, was diabetes. Diabetes accounted for almost 12% of total spend, and the increases in trend were driven largely by unit cost increases in insulin.

To actively manage traditional drug spend, clients can implement our WellManaged-Formulary programs, such as WellManaged-Generics, WellManaged-Preferred Brands, and WellManagedHyperinflationary Drugs. Also, while WellManagedDiabetes and WellManaged-Opioids are focused primarily on clinical outcomes, our 2017 Drug Trend Report demonstrates that they also deliver financial benefits. In 2017, WellManaged-Diabetes helped clients achieve a negative unit cost trend while increasing medication adherence and reducing hemoglobin A1c, the primary health outcome related to the management of diabetes. In the same year, WellManaged-Opioids helped clients achieve a 36% lower average cost per 30-day supply of opioid medication.

To learn more about the WellDyneRx 2017 Drug Trend Report and the efficacy of our clinical programs and utilization management strategies, watch our exclusive client webinar:

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During the May 24 webinar, WellDyneRx clinical leaders discussed data trends, presented significant findings and analyzed the highlights of the 2017 Drug Trend Report.

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