May is Hepatitis Awareness Month

The month of May is designated as Hepatitis Awareness Month in the United States, and May 19th was Hepatitis Testing Day. During May, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its public health partners work to shed light on this hidden epidemic by raising awareness of viral hepatitis and encouraging priority populations to get tested.

The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is among the most common bloodborne viral infections in the United States. Approximately 2.7 to 3.9 million Americans are currently living with a chronic form of this infection. The risk of infection with HCV is increased if a person:

  • Shared needles to inject drugs or straws to inhale them
  • Obtained tattoos or body piercings in an unclean  environment using unsterile equipment
  • Worked in a place where they came in contact with  infected blood or needles, for example,
    healthcare workers
  • Received a blood transfusion or organ transplant before July 1992
  • Received a blood product for clotting problems made before 1987
  • Needed to have blood filtered by a machine (hemodialysis) for a long period of time because their
    kidneys weren’t working
  • Were born to a mother with HCV

Encourage your plan members to get tested if they are part of this priority population.

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