WellDyneRx Launches Revitalized Website, Rebrands to Better Serve Clients and Members

February 13, 2018

Independent PBM focuses on “Every Little Thing” to control costs, improve outcomes

LAKELAND, Fla. (February 1, 2018)—WellDyneRx, a full-service, independent Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM), launched a new website this week to better serve, educate and engage its clients and members, while more clearly communicating its mission and place in the market for those in search of a trusted PBM partner.

The new website significantly expands WellDyneRx’s digital footprint, offering visitors extensive information and literature related to insights, drug reports, formulary updates, case studies, resources and more.

In addition, the website is also the official launch of WellDyneRx’s corporate rebranding, which confidently positions the company as a PBM that is focused on the little things for its clients and members. Its new tagline—Every Little Thing Brings Big Outcomes.—highlights WellDyneRx’s commitment to controlling costs while improving health outcomes for its clients and members.

“It’s an incredible time for WellDyneRx and our employees, clients, members and the rest of the WellDyneRx network,” said Zach Johnson, President of WellDyneRx. “We’ve always been able to compete with the Big 3 in terms of cost and customer service, but with our new website and rebranded message, we are boldly announcing our place in the market as the independent PBM your company can really trust.”

Because WellDyneRx is independent and not affiliated with a pharmacy, drug company or health insurance provider, the PBM is able to negotiate freely to keep costs low and quality of care high for its clients and members. Today, WellDyneRx serves health plans, unions, municipalities, and providers across the United States.

“WellDyneRx is committed to optimizing and enhancing every healthcare plan, every prescription fill, and every interaction we have—no matter how small,” Johnson said. “And that’s really what this rebrand is all about. We want to make sure our clients obtain the lowest net cost and members know that we are relentlessly and continuously optimizing the small things in their health plan, because we know that’s how we will make big, meaningful outcomes in their lives.”

About WellDyneRx
WellDyneRx is a full-service Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) that makes the little things matter for its clients, employees, partners, and members. WellDyneRx provides members with more than 65,000 retail pharmacies across the U.S.; mail order prescription services with the capacity to fulfill more than 35 million prescriptions per year; a wholly-owned specialty pharmacy (www.USSpecialtyCare.com) to focus on expensive specialized drugs; and highly targeted pharmacy programs for Diabetes, Hepatitis C and Opioids to balance optimal clinical outcomes with minimized plan costs. Visit www.WellDyneRx.com to learn how you can optimize your health plan today.

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