Attending PBMI’s National Conference can help you get up to speed on the latest and best practices for managing the drug benefit. The conference draws senior leaders and industry experts from across the country, provides access to benefit decisions makers, offers many opportunities to establish connections with industry experts, peers, and other healthcare organizations, and most importantly, provides opportunities to participate in educational sessions to learn about innovative strategies. WellDyneRx will be exhibiting at this event.

During the conference, industry leaders and attendees will work through the challenges of linking data accuracy and network accuracy with the goal of creating a better member experience. WellDyneRx will be in attendance at this event.

The sPCMA offers networking and education for individuals involved in specialty drug benefit management including executives from the largest specialty pharmacies and PBMs, as well as from drug and biotech manufacturers, consulting companies, and other important stakeholders. WellDyneRx will be in attendance at this event.

The BenefitsPRO Broker Expo is designed to educate, motivate and innovate attendees and give them the tools, strategies and information needed to thrive both now and in the near future. Additionally, the 2019 Expo features more than 20 educational tracks on proven sales ideas, strategies and experiences from experts in the industry. WellDyneRx is exhibiting at this event.