The Healthcare Revolution conference is a comprehensive healthcare, medical travel, wellness, benefits and insurance event that brings together players from across the US and the globe to collaborate and advance the industry. This event allows attendees to be a part of the discussion, take action, and be a disruptor to catapult the industry forward. WellDyneRx is exhibiting at this conference.

The 2018 Fall Managed Care Forum brings together medical directors, practicing physicians, nurses, administrators, and other healthcare executives as well as members from the American Association of Managed Care Nurses (AAMCN), the NAMCP Medical Directors Institute, and the American Association of Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems (AAIHDS). Attendees learn side by side in sessions that are related to population health management, oncology, and the business of managed care. WellDyneRx will be exhibiting at this event.

The TAHP 2018 Managed Care Conference brings together decision-makers from across the health care spectrum — from major health plans, providers and regulators, to legislators, journalists, academics, and more. Driven by an agenda tailored to reflect the pressing issues of the day, presentations, panels and conversations cover the wide range of challenges and opportunities posed by federal health reform, state policies and budget issues, and the ins and outs of operating health plans and health care entities on a day-to-day basis. WellDyneRx will be exhibiting at this event.