2018 Drug Trend Report

At WellDyneRx, we’re committed to improving outcomes for our clients and members by optimizing and enhancing every health plan, every prescription fill, and every interaction we have — no matter how small. That commitment shows in our 2018 Drug Trend Report.

In 2018, WellDyneRx’s commercial clients experienced an overall 0.3% increase in drug spend. Over 50% of our clients experienced a negative overall trend.

Additional highlights of WellDyneRx’s Drug Trend Report include:

  • The specialty drug trend for managed clients was 5.7%, largely driven by increases in utilization, which experienced a 11.1 % increase over the previous year.
  • Diabetes medications continued to dominate the top 10 category, with 60% of the top traditional drugs (by spend) all used to treat this condition.
  • Inflammatory conditions and diabetes continue to be the predominant therapeutic categories, accounting for almost 27% of all drug spend in 2018, an increase from the previous year.
  • Clients participating in the WellManaged – Diabetes program experienced an overall 2.5% trend in diabetes, compared to a 13% overall trend for clients that did not implement the program.
  • Broader implementation of both the WellManaged – Opioids and WellManaged – Hyperinflationary Drug Programs in 2018 contributed to substantial utilization and unit cost decreases in the Pain Inflammation category, resulting in a – 13.7% trend.
  • While the WellManaged – Opioids Program is not designed to be a cost-containment program, clients with this solution experienced a – 16% overall trend in opioid spend.

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2018 Drug Trend Report

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