2017 Drug Trend Report

At WellDyneRx, we’re committed to improving outcomes for our clients and members by optimizing and enhancing every health plan, every prescription fill, and every interaction we have — no matter how small. That commitment shows in our 2017 Drug Trend Report.

In 2017, WellDyneRx helped clients maintain a low 1.2% rate of growth in per-person prescription drug spend. We were able to contain costs for our clients despite significant increases in utilization of specialty medications and double-digit price inflation in many drug categories.

Additional highlights of WellDyneRx’s Drug Trend Report include: 

  • Specialty represented 35.7% of overall drug spend in 2017
  • WellDyneRx had lower overall trend than the largest national PBMs
  • WellDyneRx experienced a negative specialty unit cost trend while other PBMs reported a 3% increase or more
  • The WellDyneRx Generic Dispensing Rate (GDR) increased from 82.7% to 84.9%, resulting in a lower overall unit cost
  • Through our patented cost containment program (Intercept), WellDyneRx saved clients over $15 million in 2017 while members observed a 60% cost share reduction
  • Inflammatory and Diabetes were the top 2 therapeutic categories and accounted for 25% of overall drug spend in 2017

WellDyneRx 2017 Drug Trend Webinar

2017 Drug Trend Report

Data, insights and highlights of our 2017 Drug Trend Report. This report underscores our goal to drive improved patient outcomes and lower costs.