We’re right where you need us to be.

When it comes to pharmacies, location matters. That’s why WellDyneRx’s National Retail Pharmacy Network consists of more than 66,000 pharmacies nationwide. With more than 96% of all retail pharmacies covered in our broad national network, including all major pharmacy chains in all 50 states plus US territories, you can be assured we’ll be just around the corner when you need to find us.

In fact, we continually negotiate independent pharmacy agreements to close any regional or rural network gaps. As a result, our pharmacies are located within every one-half to three miles in most urban areas, and every five to seven miles in suburban and rural areas.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end there. All pharmacies in our networks are required to meet specific criteria for membership. These include:

  • Current and active license with their state
  • Reasonable hours of operation and waiting times
  • Be in good standing with appropriate agencies
  • Appropriate liability coverage
  • Current NABP/NCPDP license number
  • Submit to audits upon request
  • Ability to process claims online through our integrated system

Staying true to our promise of always making sure the smallest details matter, our point-of-sale adjudication system ensures claims meet rigorous standards. We integrate claims from multiple pharmacies, including retail, mail order, and specialty service pharmacies each time a member uses the benefit. More importantly, each claim passes through more than 200 edits for member eligibility, plan design, pricing, clinical appropriateness and more.

We understand the critical importance of real-time communication in making a pharmacy work as efficiently as possible to deliver optimal patient outcomes. That’s why we feature real-time automated text messaging with all pharmacies using our claims adjudication system. These messages provide the pharmacist with critical information such as relevant plan details, member medical profile information, generic substitution alternatives, and other various point-of-sale notifications. We then upload plan-specific policies and procedures relevant to any new drugs, updated plan design rules, added clinical programs to our system upon plan implementation or scheduled plan update.