Outsourced Pharmacy Solutions

At WellDyneRx, we believe that every little thing we do should make a meaningful difference for our clients and their members. This philosophy is at the heart of our Outsourced Pharmacy Solutions. Comprised of our Central Fill, Mail Order, and specialty pharmacy, US Specialty Care, WellDyneRx’s Outsourced Pharmacy Solutions increases our clients’ ability to provide care for more patients with more diverse needs.

Providing competitive, comprehensive benefit plans is what our clients do best. Outsourcing the pharmacy components of your health plan enables you to leverage our pharmacy experience, clinical expertise, and strategic insights to manage access to medications while containing costs. Our turnkey solutions streamline your operations because we manage all pharmacy staffing needs while maintaining expensive drug inventories and negotiating purchasing discounts.

The WellDyneRx Central Fill solution enables pharmacies to expand their footprint beyond their physical locations to better care for their patients. The pressure to improve the quality of care while reducing costs is forcing healthcare executives to find creative ways to increase cash flow. As a result, many strategically minded decision makers are partnering with mail order pharmacies to enhance their relationships with patients and increase profits.

WellDyneRx Central Fill provides customized mail order services that leverage advanced robotic dispensing and distribution systems to ensure accuracy and reduce costs. Patients with long-term prescriptions will be in good hands with our 24/7 Member Services team and easy, direct access to licensed pharmacists. WellDyneRx’s Central Fill enables you to expand your business offerings to include white labled prescription fulfillment.
WellDyneRx’s Central Fill Solution:
– Increases revenue streams
– Enhances patient care options
– Improves medication adherence
– Promotes brand awareness

WellDyneRx’s Mail Order Pharmacy offers patients the convenience of getting their maintenance medications (medications that they take for a chronic condition) mailed directly to their home, work, or doctor’s office.
We provide quick turnaround times and perpetual inventory management to reduce outages and medication expirations. Our dual pharmacy operation centers (Lakeland, Florida and Centennial, Colorado) have the capacity to deliver 15 million prescriptions a year, and 95% of clean scripts received are shipped within 24 hours.

WellDyneRx also offers specialty pharmacy services through our wholly-owned specialty pharmacy, US Specialty Care® (USSC). Winner of the 2017 Patient Choice Award and a 2018 finalist, US Specialty Care offers advanced prescription services to treat complex, chronic, and often costly conditions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis C, and hemophilia.

Based upon an appreciation that patients who use specialty drugs require special, personalized care, USSC combines technical experience with a passion for patients’ well-being. The end result? Delivery of the highest quality products and services, at manageable costs, for all of their clients. USSC’s Patient Care Advocates use an integrated approach to coordinate benefits, educate patients, provide ongoing clinical support and offer compliance monitoring to continually yield industry-leading results.

To learn how our Outsourced Pharmacy Solutions can help you streamline operations and increase revenue call 855 OPS-WDRX (855.677.9379) or email OPSWDRx@WellDyneRx.com.