US Specialty Care Launches WellConnect Patient Engagement Platform to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Treatment Costs

US Specialty Care (USSC), WellDyneRx’s wholly- owned specialty pharmacy, is leveraging new messaging software, powered by Relay Network,to deliver personalized healthcare journeys to its patients. This technology, called WellConnect, enables our award- winning pharmacy to enhance its relationship with patients and influence their behaviors. From medication refill reminders to flu shot alerts and disease information, the WellConnect messaging system allows USSC staff to send secure communications to patients.

WellDyneRx is planning to rollout this same technology to all participants in its WellManaged – Clinical Programs during the first quarter of 2019. These programs help clients rein in drug spend for some of the most costly therapeutic categories while maintaining access to evidence-based care. The WellConnect messaging system will be used to send disease-specific newsletters, patient education materials, and refill reminders.

By the end of the year, the WellConnect messaging system will be used for all PBM plan participants, regardless of their program participation. WellDyneRx is sharing this technology with all patients because refill reminders are proven to increase drug adherence, and increased drug adherence improves clinical outcomes. WellDyneRx is committed to doing everything we can to reduce costs for our clients while optimizing patient care.

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