US Specialty Care (USSC) Achieves Industry-Leading Adherence Rates

The costs associated with treating chronic diseases account for approximately 75% of total healthcare dollars, and almost 50% of people with chronic diseases do not take their medications as prescribed. In the United States, the estimated total sum of direct and indirect costs associated with medication non-adherence is around $337 billion. Poor adherence is responsible for 33% to 69% of all medication-related hospital admissions, at a cost of about $100 billion per year. In addition, about 125,000 Americans die annually due to poor adherence.

Specialty medications are typically very expensive, have special storage and handling requirements, and require a high-touch level of care. Medication adherence is important as these drugs often treat complex or rare chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and oncology. Patients who are non-adherent may experience serious consequences, such as adverse health outcomes, decreased quality of life, relapses or disability, and increased risk of disease progression over the lifespan.

US Specialty Care (USSC) WellDyneRx’s wholly-owned specialty pharmacy, drives industry-leading medication adherence rates through exceptional patient and provider support. Our clinical programs focus on improving patient education, facilitating provider communication, and enabling more robust reporting of patients’ responses to treatment. Our clinical pharmacists perform initial screenings, gauge each patient’s understanding of their diagnosis and treatment plan(s), and share important disease information and management techniques.

Because many of USSC’s patients have chronic conditions, our specialized pharmacists and technicians continually assess their progress throughout the year. USSC’s patients can also elect to receive communications via WellConnect (our digital member engagement tool) as a means of exploring methods for overcoming treatment barriers. Finally, as part of the integrated care team, USSC provides notifications and reports to providers when patients fall below a minimum level of 80% adherence or have seemingly discontinued treatment.

Winner of the 2017 Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Award ™ and a finalist in 2018 and 2019, over 90% of all USSC patients are adherent to their medication regimens, with overall adherence rates higher than 90% for the most expensive and utilized categories. Our proven approach to drive mediation adherence, identify and intervene on treatment issues, and improve provider care coordination through multiple touchpoints bolsters the percentage of patients who are adherent with their complex treatment regimens.

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