WellDyneRx’s Mail Order Pharmacy Drives Better Clinical Outcomes, Greater Affordability and Higher Adherence Rates

Affordability and Convenience
Most plan designs allow members to fill 90 day prescriptions for less than it would cost them to fill three thirty day prescriptions at a retail pharmacy. Mail Order medications are delivered free of charge to members and encourage plan participants to take their medications consistently. Some plans offer preventive medications free of charge at mail as well. This is a perfect benefit design to drive quality of care and affordability.

Accuracy and Safety
All medications on file are reviewed for safety and drug interactions that may be harmful. If there is a potential problem, a pharmacist will review the prescription with the prescriber to ensure that all medications work well together, safely and effectively.

WellDyneRx Shares the Journey
For individuals living with a chronic condition, like diabetes, the journey can be difficult and sometimes confusing. Our support of these individuals includes counseling with a clinical pharmacist and guidance on the most cost-effective medications. Taking medications as prescribed is essential to managing chronic conditions. We help our members manage side effects and financial challenges so that they are more likely to remain compliant with their therapy.

Studies show that individuals who use mail order pharmacies are more likely to have better adherence to their prescriptions than those who fill their prescriptions at local retail pharmacies. The added convenience of home delivery combined with 90 day supplies encourage adherence. Confidential, personalized counseling also makes individuals more comfortable with their therapy.

WellDyneRx Mail Order Pharmacy Advantages

  • Maximum convenience
  • Counseling with a clinical pharmacist brings peace of mind
  • 24/7 access to pharmacists
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs for most benefit plans
  • Information about potential lower-cost medication options
  • Free standard shipping
  • State-of-the-art dispensing with multiple quality checks for safety and accuracy

For more information about WellDyneRx’s Mail Order Pharmacy, please contact your Account Executive.

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