WellDyneRx. Exactly what our clients need us to be.

As one of the nation’s top Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), we understand that our success is driven by your success. That’s why we leverage our clinical expertise and deep commitment to innovation to drive improved health outcomes for our partners. With WellDyneRx, you get a PBM dedicated to delivering more benefits.

For more than 25 years, we’ve operated with the belief that the smallest things can make the biggest differences. Our uncommon blend of cost savings and personal relationships perfectly positions us to seamlessly bridge the gap between large- and mid-market PBMs—ensuring we make those little things matter.

Whatever our clients need, our can do, client-centric approach helps us create the right plan and gives them the assurance that we’ll deliver on every promise. Every time. Our clients choose us because they know we’re going to do everything on their behalf to keep costs low and quality of care high for our clients and members.

That’s what we do because that’s who we are. All of it matters, because it all adds up. Every little thing.

Who We Are

Watch for an inside view of who we are and our day to day happenings here at WellDyneRx.